This e-book will tell you that spiritual enlightenment or waking up is a misunderstood concept and is actually feasible after a few years of hard work. It will show that you were always looking in the wrong direction and actually were in search for the truth. The process to find that truth is for sure a tough challenge and it depends on your motivation and persistence to get there. But is this really what you want?

Spiritual enlightenment is a false concept for what it originally was and is explained in so many different ways that no one knows anymore what it actually is. In its essence it is like waking up, being ready in this life. It is real spiritual awakening. Waking up is merely discovering the truth and to experience it. It opens your eyes and you will experience yourself and the world around you in a completely different way. A drastic different way as it’s not just increasing your consciousness. The motivation for finding that truth is essential in the process of enlightenment. It is explained that if your ego is in the lead to start and control the process – which is based on fear – the chance of success is extremely small. This is the reason why nearly no one will get to this state. Your ego is focused on achieving something, to become a nicer or improved human being and to take care of the world. These are all great personal qualities and thoughts, but they will not get you to that enlightenment.

However, if you apply correctly the right motivation, there is an effective way to wake up. The fact that almost no one reaches enlightenment, is the indication that it is not a simple process and the way most follow is incorrect. It’s a complex process that’s very demanding. You can easily say it will cost you all. But the motivated go-getter will notice that waking up and finding that truth is feasible in a few years.

The author has discovered that, after more than twenty years wandering around in the spiritual world, gurus couldn’t tell him how to get that enlightenment. They have nice but unreadable and paradoxical texts and keep it all so vague, and not insignificant, it costs you a fortune on books and courses. After all, it was only spiritual misleading. Enlightenment is mostly sold by non-enlightened gurus. The moment he realized that, he stepped into a continuous process and woke up after a few years. Now the author wants to be the pointing finger for those that face the same obstacles and show you how to silence the anxious ego and really can wake-up.

Are you a native English speaker? The author is not and therefore the website texts and the e-book may need some improvement. Please feel free to help all those that visit this site or read the e-book by sending your recommendations or corrections via the Contact page. It is much appreciated and thank you in advance on behalf of those that want to wake up!