Spiritual Enlightenment or Truth?

In search for spiritual enlightenment or awakening may actually be finding out the truth of life. But what is actually ‘truth’? Is it that something is true or not? Is truth the same as reality? When is something reality and when is it fantasy? Spiritual enlightenment is nothing more but having insight that there exist Truth and all you know and experience is nothing but an illusion. In the end nothing turns out to be true.

Spiritual enlightenment is not:

  • Self-realization
  • Increasing consciousness
  • Divine consciousness
  • Unity consciousness
  • The end of reincarnation and karma
  • Being nice for the people and the world
  • Paradise or the experience of eternal love

Truth is:

  • Insight that everything is untrue
  • Insight that Truth exists
  • Waking up and realize you live in an illusion
  • The death of your anxious ego
  • Permanent non-dualism
  • The lack of fear and attachment
  • Not being from this world anymore

If you ever have read a book from Jed McKenna, this may ring a bell. Jed McKenna is an author (a.o. Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing; Wisefool Press) who described spiritual enlightenment in an open and clear way. Jed McKenna has stripped it from all the nonsense and magic that surrounds this concept. In fact, he tells the reader that you need to find the Truth and not that spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, waking up, being ready or whatever you want to name it, seems nothing more but finding out that all you are sure about, is not true, or at least you cannot be sure that something is true. Truth does exist, but it’s up to you to eliminate all the untruth in your life; you still believe things that are impossible to prove as true. The truth is within you and not outside. Finding truth is so damned difficult because you search in the wrong direction. You are on a misleading path of spirituality that actually moves you away from the truth.

If you are actually looking for that truth but still call it spiritual enlightenment, then find out in the e-book if it is what you want and what it takes to find the Truth.